Last updated: 2017-07-03
Started: 2017-06-13
Tech stack: HTML, JQuery, bootstrap, Python, Scala, SikulliX

ninjastyles are a colorscheme gallery for Ninja-IDE, a (discontinued) Integrated Development Environment for Python. You can browse it at It features all themes from, as well as some extra themes I ported from Visual Studio and IntelliJ Idea. The name was inspired by, an online catalog of Visual Studio themes.

A screenshot of
The index page
A screenshot of colorscheme details page
A colorscheme details page


The idea for the website was formed when I was working on my engineering thesis and wanted to include a screenshot of Ninja-IDE. Unfortunately, the default colorscheme had black background and wouldn’t look well in print. Ninja-IDE’s website featured plenty of alternative themes for download, but it only listed all the colors in a theme. You didn’t get to see how the editor would actually look like. So in order to pick a pleasant light scheme, I needed to save them all locally and try them one by one.

A screenshot of the colorscheme gallery at

It would be nice if, instead of a flat list, they used a thumbnail view, like or do, I thought. So I decided to make one myself.